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11 April 2008 @ 11:11 pm
No, this is not just an excuse to use the FO banner.  
It's that & much more!!

no-ehl/julian FO banner

..kind of. Some of my posts are public for a week, before getting f-locked.

But anyway..

comment to be added

Simply put, I have finally gotten paranoid enough to lock my entries. Don't worry, I won't change!! ;P

Oh, em, I'm pretty much keeping all of my flist. If I de-friend you, it's only because we've never really communicated. Nothing personal. Those that I haven't friended, comment here & introduce yourselves!! & I'll add ya..most likely :] I like to keep a cozy, little flist, so getting to know you would be good.
Current Mood: okaywhatever
Current Music: How You Remind Me--Nickelback